I grew up on the hills of the Lubéron in South of France. As far as I can remember, I picture myself in the family house’s attic, playing with trunks full of antique jewelry, high heel shoes and precious fabrics.

I also discover my self-expression through sketching, and dedicate my creative soul to Visual Arts. Through painting, photography and video, I take a closer look to the human body: I study the curves, the tensions, the anatomy, the imperfections, whatever changes the ordinary into extraordinary. And always remain present in the work my deep passion for the fabrics, the charms and the costume jewelries.

I found my steps in styling and started organizing show rooms with designers presenting my handmade bags. Marseille was my city of choice and business was flourishing. I made bags on special order and developed a collection of unique and exceptional pieces for the picky, underground customers.

I cross the Atlantic in 2006, in New York, and fall in love with the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. I continue “Stéphanie Arpage” an original collection dedicated to free-spirited, mysterious women, particularly demanding about their ways of leading their life. A French touch in the most urban of all cities.

The design is precious looking, creative and original and yet so practical that the bag can be worn everyday.

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